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the other. History's judgment upon Christianity
is its revelation of Christianity's failures in history.
These failures indicate the points at which history
has overcome Christianity instead of the reverse.
History judges Christianity for having been
conquered by history. But on the other hand
this defeat of Christianity turns into a judgment
upon history. The failure of Christianity is the
failure of history as well. This is more clearly
evident now, than ever before.

It is in the social realm, which holds the centre
of the stage in our time, that the judgment upon
Christianity is passed, first of all It is undeniable
that much of the true progress in social history is
due to the open or indirect action of Christianity
upon the human spirit: the abolition of slavery
and serfdom, the recognition of freedom of
conscience and of spiritual life are proofs of this,
But instead of realizing these social reforms them-
selves, Christians have often left them to the hands
of others, they have often even done injustice
and consented to adapting higher spiritual values
to the interests of the ruling class and the estab-
lished order. They have succeeded in producing
a " bourgeois " Christianity. And now the most
merciless judgment is being passed upon this
"bourgeois" Christianity, on every adaptation
of Christianity to human, selfish, interests.

From the point of view of the workers,